Hall of Shame


Hall Of Shame

Pictures of installations submitted by

Inspector Joe Guzzo

Venting for furnace not glued properly, Shame on the H.V.A.C. contractor

Saddle valve, brand new house, Shame on whoever installed it.

Closet flange installed on the rough. Shame on the plumber.

Vents not extended through the roof, Shame on the plumber and the inspector.

Vent outlet facing down on a public sidewalk. Could easily reach a person.

 Notice ice forming on the sidewalk, Shame on the Plumbing Inspector

(was test case)

Main stack taken off the branch of a ty on the flat. Shame on the plumber  

Condensate drain tied into an active waste stack using a Rube Goldberg fitting.

The tubing is also kinked. Shame on the H.V.A.C. contractor.

Unions and gas cock buried underground, all leaking. Shame on everyone.

Condensate drain ???? Shame on the plumber

Urinal stub out made with 2 male adapters and type L copper tubing. This is why copper tubing is

not allowed on urinal wastes. This rotted through in just a few years. Shame on the plumber.

Do it yourself plumbing

No vent on the 5th Floor 

 4 foot gas flex

From Russ Dixon