The Northeastern Massachusetts Plumbing and Gas Inspectors Association is a voluntary organization devoted to the development and acceptances of uniform plumbing and gas rules and regulations in the interest of public health and safety.

The N.M.P.G.I.A. holds its meetings on the second Wednesday of each month from September to June, alternating day and evening meetings.

Our organization is comprised of Plumbing and Gas Inspectors, Educators, Gas Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Plumbing and/or Gas Fitting Contractors approved by the association.
We provide informative speakers to further educate our membership, some of our past speakers have been: Kohler, Eljer, Z-Flex, Louis Visco (Former Executive Secretary of the State Plumbing Board), Ted Lemoff of the N.F.P.A., Clamp All Corp., Symmons Valve Corp., Watts Regulator, and T.E.N.N.C.O., Tennessee Gas Pipeline and many more.

Joining our association is your best opportunity to keep up on the latest code revisions, learn about new products on the market, meet Plumbing and Gas Inspectors, and fellow contractors.

Also these meetings are credited towards the continuing education program for all plumbing and gas inspectors. All licensed plumbers and gas fitters are welcome to attend.

The meetings are held at Angelica's Restaurant Middleton, day meetings begin at eleven thirty, with lunch at noon. Evening meetings begin at six thirty, dinner at seven. Meetings usually run about two hours.

Dues are $ 35.00 dollars per year for members and $ 45.00 for non-members. Please fill out the application and return it to your sponsor.

A sponsor can be any active member.

If you have any questions please call the President,

Mr. Rick Danforth at 978-623-8305